Un día en el mundo (Album)

The debut album of Vetusta Morla, one of the albums with the best reception among the public and critics of Spanish independent pop-rock in recent times. Awarded with three Music Awards and four UFI Independent Music Awards. The album is a musical summary of nine years in search of assimilating careful texts in Castilian to the schemes of Anglo-Saxon popular music. Nine years in which they built their characteristic sonic identity using the instrumentation of a classic rock combo, but fleeing from the conventional language of the genre.

Un día en el mundo (A Day in the World), is a frame taken from a larger story, an unfathomable story that is sensed in everyday experiences, without being unveiled. His songs are almost cinematic pills, enigmas whose key only each person who listens to them and who is invited to fill in the blanks for themselves.


  • Autocrítica
  • Sálvese Quien Pueda
  • Un Día en el Mundo
  • Copenhague
  • Valiente
  • La Marea
  • Pequeño Desastre Animal
  • La Cuadratura del Círculo
  • Año Nuevo
  • Rey Sol
  • Saharabbey Road
  • Al Respirar

The main photo by David Martin Page.

Design by Pucho.

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