About the project

We are living in a very strange time. There is so much information around us, that sometimes it seems like you can drown in it. Information for every taste and mind, goods for every wallet, music for all the occasions…
It would seem that this is a paradise: just choose and enjoy! But the time of big objects only creates big problems.
The larger the choice, the smaller it is in fact. Since the globalization loves pushing out very large projects, the most popular artists and the biggest names, its harder to find something really small and inconspicuous among billions of shelves and boxes.
The world has become divided into zones and frames, where the Internet and Google are governing your taste.
When you are living in some country, it is extremely difficult for you to find music or any other information in the language of another country. This is a paradox. You only see the most popular artists, because that’s how Google works. If some information is not at least in English, then you cannot find it from a country with another language. Google, YouTube Music, all the official music services are always guided by Wikipedia and duplicating the article about the artists in the language of the region from which the person searches for it.
If there is no such information, then this artist does not seem to exist for an entire country or even a continent!
The artists themselves also do not consider these countries as a target for the tours, because no one knows them there. And nobody knows them there, because there is no information. It’s a vicious circle!

I am learning Spanish, and I faced with the problem, that living in a non-hispanic country, we can at best find Iglesias, but not the smaller bands singing in spanish and great musicians that COULD be liked by people in other countries. They could come on tour, they could be popular here, but people just don’t see this content at all. Someone is too lazy to look for something other than radio, someone cannot find translations of songs, the rest is simply do not care about.

I like music very much. No. VERY MUCH! Music is my food, my life and my air. I’m a strange person, but that’s true.
And when I found the Vetusta Morla band, I realized that I finally found my perfect music. Something, that is totally incredible and fabulous, something that makes my life lighter and gives strength and inspiration to do anything. I’ve been looking for it during years.

And when you find something that beautiful, you want to show it to the world, you want to say – Look, there is a small miracle that can make your life a little brighter.

But there was still no information that I could show to people around. English-speaking and other audiences still did not know about the existence of this band and could not even find it on Google, cause all the information was is spanish only.
It seemed unfair to me.
As a beginning, I wrote three huge articles on Wikipedia: in English, Russian and Ukrainian. A week later, information about  Vetusta Morla band appeared in English and Russian versions of Google Play services. People were finally able to find my treasure,  read about them and listen.
But this was still not enough, and at some point I got the idea to make a small website dedicated to my favorite band, where people could see high-quality translations of lyrics, album releases and articles about guys. I wanted to convey the beauty of Spanish lyrics and music to those who do not know this language.
I really liked this idea. To show the world what I consider valuable to myself, and show it in their language. Unfortunatelly, band’s social accounts are mostly focused on news and concerts, but not the art itself.

The first release of the band had a name “Mira”, which means “Look!”. So, I decided to call this tiny project the same way. Look! 🙂 Just look and you will see something really beautifull and profound.

Mylene Maelinhon


This site is not commercial, it has no adverts, all the photos are taken from the open sourses and all the links are leading to official band’s sourses. All the translations made by me, and some amount are copied from open sourses in network.






  1. Ranet

    2 years ago

    I’d say that this site is a way better than official one. More information about artwork itself and a good base for foreign listeners, thank you!