Cable a Tierra” is the sixth and highly anticipated studio album by Vetusta Morla band. The collection of 10 original songs, where the band explores sounds and rhythms of folklore from Spain and  the other side of Atlantic. Without pretending to appropriate it, but rather integrating everything into their own sound to create new aesthetic forms.  An exercise in search, deconstruction, inclusion and rebirth of the cultural roots of different places in coexistence with rock, pop and electronic textures.

Taking their lyrics to the maximum exponent, Vetusta Morla portrays and discusses current concepts of roots, culture of belonging, celebration, family and  people, with the aim of contextualizing them in a new discourse.

Vetusta Morla presents its songs in a surprising, original and exclusive packaging for both CD and Vinyl formats. A differential box created expressly for this project, contains the music and 10 plates, one per song, with the printed lyrics. Outside and inside the box we could see the artwork of artist Laura Millán, who  handcrafted pieces of the picture and later photographed, has endowed each of the songs with lively and colorful scenes.