The musical career of Vetusta Morla has not been an easy path at all. There are hours and hours of work behind their success, self-sacrifice and countless efforts. After the high school, their concerts barely gathered a few dozen of people as an audience. But, for them (as they have stated countless times in interviews) there is no little stage and no small audience. Vetusta Morla never gave up on their attempts, disenchantments were paid for with a formula: work, work and more work. Far from being intimidated, the group recorded their first demo in 2000 “13 hours with Lucy“. Now this little EP its extremely rare and hard to find, 3 songs are completely lost.

The tracklist of “13 horas con Lucy

  1. Lágrimas rotas
  2. OK Lucy
  3. La escuela del parque
  4. Viejo

A few months after the recording, in 2001, there was a “setback” for the Tres Cantos band. Pucho, their vocalist, abandons his studies and goes to London for working. Dissolution of the band? Nothing at all! The band continues with their rehearsals and sending cassette tapes to London, so that the vocalist can work on his part remotely. Vetusta Morla slowly followed, like the turtle Morla, the path that they had marked out.

Thus, in the next few years, two short EPs were released”

Vetusta Morla (demo, 2001)

  • OK Lucy
  • Monster of love
  • The bait
  • El cuervo
  • Sueño púrpura Nº6
  • B.ah!

La cuadratura del círculo (demo, 2003)

  • Mi habitación favorita
  • La marea
  • Agostados
  • Los que saben