MSDL – Canciones dentro de canciones

MSDL – Canciones dentro de canciones (Songs within songs) is Vetusta Morla‘s new artistic exercise; a new album that starts from the reinterpretation of Mismo Sitio, Distinto Lugar and that, at the same time, happens as a new work.

The starting point of the new album is the conviction of Vetusta Morla that within each song there are other songs that inhabit it as inside a Russian doll. The myth of the song as a living being also appears that becomes a reality from the moment that it is not the same according to the circumstances, according to who receives it, where it is heard or at what moment in the timeline, vital and emotional it is interpreted or heard. .

Vetusta Morla has re-recorded the ten songs that were part of the original album, Mismo Sitio, Distinto Lugar, inverting all the approach related to the instrumentation, the interpretation, the composition of arrangements and of course, the recording method.


  • Deséame Suerte – MSDL
  • El Discurso del Rey – MSDL
  • Palmeras en La Mancha – MSDL
  • Consejo de Sabios – MSDL
  • 23 de Junio – MSDL
  • Guerra Civil – MSDL
  • Te lo Digo a Ti – MSDL
  • Punto sin Retorno – MSDL
  • La Vieja Escuela – MSDL
  • Mismo Sitio, Distinto Lugar – MSDL