Mapas (2011)

Vetusta Morla‘s second album after their debut, Un Día en el Mundo, composed and recorded after the intense tour in Spain, Mexico and Argentina. The band spent a year conducting drills with new textures and instrumentation until it came to a recording method designed to recreate in the studio those moments of collective communication that occur on stage: recording most of the album playing together, giving priority to emotion and energy over technical perfection; preferring the naturalness and the organic before the surgical neatness.

Mapas constitutes a descent to the earth, to reality and to the present. While the first album by Vetusta Morla was based on movements and hypotheses, in the contemplation of the past or in dreaming a future, this time it talks about objects, consequences, time lines that freeze to draw maps of who we are, traces of our conquests and failures, collections of medals and scratches. Maps that put in front of us another map without a legend with which to advance, build, or, just, understand the present. Maps in which, once again, the listener is invited to design their own route.

Illustrations: Montse Montero.

Calligraphies: Vetusta Morla, Mídori, Mire, Pato, Vila and Germán.


  • Los Días Raros
  • Lo Que Te Hace Grande
  • En El Río
  • Baldosas Amarillas
  • Boca en la Tierra
  • El Hombre del Saco
  • Maldita Dulzura
  • Cenas Ajenas
  • Mapas
  • Canción de Vuelta
  • Escudo Humano
  • Mi Suerte