Concierto benéfico por el Conservatorio Narciso Yepes de Lorca

On May 11, 2011, an earthquake struck the city of Lorca, Murcia, causing nine fatalities and more than three hundred  people injured. 80% of the houses were damaged or ruined, the majority of public buildings and historical heritage. The Narciso Yepes Conservatory was seriously damaged and the damage prevented classes from continuing to be taught there. A year later, the Murcia Region Symphony Orchestra and Vetusta Morla got together for two evenings at the Víctor Villegas Auditorium in Murcia, on May 31 and June 1, 2012, in which they reinterpreted songs from the first two albums of the band, with the orchestral arrangements made by thirteen composers. After being closed for more than three years, the conservatory reopened in September 2014.

The Benefit Concert by the Narciso Yepes de Lorca Conservatory, is a book-disc that brings together on CD and DVD with concert by Vetusta Morla and the Murcia Region Symphony Orchestra. Reviews with texts and photos of its protagonists how two disparate forces, a rock band and a symphony orchestra came together in a cooperation project that, in addition to promoting interesting musical discoveries. The DVD also has an audio-commentary in which the band explains how passed the process of adapting their songs together with the thirteen arrangers who participated in the project. It also includes a documentary that explains how this initiative arose through the statements of its protagonists: teachers and students from the conservatory.


  • Los Días Raros
  • Rey Sol
  • Presentación
  • Canción de Vuelta
  • Maldita Dulzura
  • Escudo Humano
  • En el Río
  • Copenhague
  • Un Día en el Mundo
  • Al Respirar
  • Boca en la Tierra
  • Sálvese Quien Pueda
  • Lo Que Te Hace Grande
  • Saharabbey Road
  • Iglús
  • Baldosas Amarillas